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Are you overwhelmed by choosing the right breast pump for yourself? Amaia brings forth an innovative range of portable breast pump that allows you pump breast milk seamlessly –on the go. Breastfeeding is known to provide an amazing source of nutrition for your little being. At the same time, it also provides an opportunity to bond as well as connect with the newest member of your family. However, there could be certain instances in which you might be away from your little one ,you are on low milk supply or struggling with feeding –in all scenarios, there is no denying the importance of a breast pump.

Amaia presents a lucrative range of wireless breast pumps that cover all the potential requirements of breastfeeding mothers out there. Right from the initiating the process of breastfeeding to expressing milk for odd events, our portable range of breast pumps is capable of delivering exclusive breast milk pumping experiences to mothers. Our innovative pumps are also known to feature the exclusive 2-Phase Expression technology that helps in mimicking the natural sucking rhythms of babies. This allows mothers to express increased volumes of breast milk in less time.

 Amaia Wearable & Wireless Breast Pumps –Your Best Fit to Express Milk


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Ditch the wires, cords & dangling bottles with the Amaia Wearable Breast Pump. Pump away your little one’s daily milk needs with less hassle! The Hands-Free Breast Pump makes every mother’s breastfeeding routine much simpler without any stress.

Don’t have time to constantly pump? Don’t worry. With automatic soft suction technology built into the breast pump, you’ll never need to lay a finger on any cords, bottles, or pumps again!

The Breast Pump fits under your bra comfortably so you can keep being the supermom you are while preparing your baby’s milk at the same time. Now that’s a real supermom!

It’s easy to clean and the set up takes seconds making this Breast Pump a must-have tool for every active mom constantly on the go.

Amaia Wearable & Wireless Breast Pumps –Your Best Fit to Express Milk

One of the best features of our wireless breast pumps is that these can fit well under your bras such that you can feel super comfortable while expressing yourself. You would not feel something under your lingerie as the breast pump seamlessly keeps pumping breast milk for your little one.

  • Pumping On the Go: The Amaia breast pump range is capable of supporting the semi-lying position. As such, it is perfect for mothers who have delivered through the C-section. With its innovative anti-flow back technology, you can be assured that your breast milk is pumped out without any hassle.
  • Comfortable & Gentle: It is imperative for you to put on the right size of the pump,if you wish to ensure comfortable and effective pumping. The Amaia pumps are available with two options of flange sizes for you to feel quite comfortable during the pumping process.
  • More Milk in Less Time: The pump has been designed ergonomically to pump more milk in less time. The pump is known to feature state-of-the-art pumping technology with a special massage mode. It features 5 control levels that are integrated well enough to allow you to have multiple letdowns or milk releases.
  • Lightweight, Wearable, and Hands-free Breast Pump: Another great feature of the innovative range of breast pump by Amaia is that it is lightweight and can be easily carried along from one place to another.
  • Quiet & Spill-proof: Amaia breast pumps are quite –featuring less than 45 decibels while pumping. As such, you can be assured that your little one does not get disturbed while you are pumping. Moreover, there is no fear of spilling your milk from the case as well.

Get on an enjoyable breastfeeding journey with your loved one as you strengthen your bond. With Amaia pump, you are the supermom that you wanted to be!

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51 reviews for Amaia Flex

    Amaia Flex photo review
    Amaia Flex photo review
    Amaia Flex photo review
    Ursula K
    Wonderful product for new working mum's, v.Useful for nights easy to handle and operate, in two three usage u can manage it properly, different level of suction helps lot. After every use clean all parts, One most important thing I would like to share, don't refrigerate expressed milk, I find it spoiled 3 times after defrosting it with warm water or bottle warmer, as u have to feed ur baby on 2-3 hr frequency u can keep expressed milk at room temperature up to 4hr in air tight bottle, u can also keep bottle in some water bowl. Electric pump is superb i extracted 60ml in 6 min from one side, as u frequently use pumping it will improve ur milk production
    Amaia Flex photo review
    After a lot of thinking I bought this product. And I'm glad I did.. The suction powers is awesome.. Takes about 10 minute for me to pump milk.. Really handy as you can charge it and then use it.. The suction power remains the same irrespective of it being used on its battery power as well as while it's getting charged.. The pump has 2 modes, massage, suction, and suction with 5 levels each.. I clean it with mild soap and put it in hot water for 5 minutes to soak off.. I don't boil the contents except for the cup..
    Amaia Flex photo review
    Tracey Stephens
    After using it for over a month i can say its a wonderful product. Now i can store breastmilk for feeding my baby when i am at work. The suction power is great, 2nd level for suction works best for me. It express a good amount of milk but obviously the amount of milk supply differs person to person. And also the best way to increase your milk supply is to keep pumping after every hour even if you are getting few drops at the beginning, the pumping process sends signals to your body to produce more milk and within a 1 or 2 days you will see the difference. And also add fenugreek , jeera, papaya or gourd to your everyday diet it gives a major result. Personally I used to pump evertime after breast feeding my baby , at the beginning i could express not even 1 ounce but i kept the process going and after few days i could express like 2-3 ounce everytime i pump which is a great success for me. This is a great product just stay hydrated and have a good diet you will get amazing results.
    Amaia Flex photo review
    Aminata Solai
    This is an extremely important tool for a mother. It provides great ease in expressing milk and ensuring timely supply for your baby. Worth the cost, saves time.
    Amaia Flex photo review
    Batel Pavendle
    I am a mom of 6 month baby and I know how time consuming is to use breast pump. First 15 min with first one and then 15 min with another! No time to rest! But after buying this wearable breast electric pump, saves lot of time. I get enough sleep and it’s easy to use and extract milk bcz of it’s suction power. It’s a win win product for me.
    Emily Ohanj
    This is a genuine review. Not because they offer 6 months extra warranty on the product. But genuinely a very good product. Affordable , comfortable , easy to assemble, good suction, easy to use. I'm doing much in love with this product. They have an app for babies, I love the lullaby . I'm a very happy mummy
    Amaia Flex photo review
    Lorna O’keefe
    This is a must for new moms to feed their kids in a proper way because on breast feeding you don't know how much your kid has drunk plus by pumping the amount of milk produced also increased. This pump is easy to use and assemble , has enough suction and everything to suit your needs. Quality is also great . So without any doubt just go for it.
    Amaia Flex photo review
    Emma Bailey
    Breast milk is very important for new born plus proper emptying of breast is also important for new moms. During my first pregnancy I had very difficult time while breastfeeding my baby. I used to generate milk but my baby was unable to suck properly so doctor recommended to manually remove milk from breast and feed it to baby. It used to take lots of time. Around 1/2 n hr to remove milk from one breast. Now again I am a mom, thus to avoid same problem again. My hubby ordered this electric breast pump for me the day I delivered baby. Its very easy to use and one thing i loved most is its bra. Which is easy to wear and easily i can empty my one breast in 10 minutes. I stay in joint family so always it's not possible to go to wash room or in a room for 1/2 n hr to remove milk but thankfully Amaia electric breast pump now in less minutes i can manage to fill the bottle. I highly recommend to buy this product.
    Excellent service, fast responses, product delivered as expected. Communications are exceptional. very ! Very happy the fast delivery to Germany. Highly recommended seller!
    Amaia Flex photo review
    Sheena Kothary
    It is compact breast pump that functions just as well as any heavy duty breast pump. Quiet and work perfectly without waking up my kids and also in the office. The most important is excellent service by Amaia!!! 👍👍
    Amaia Flex photo review
    Aniqa Shereen
    Value for money, high quality products, received as expected. The price is reasonable and meets the required quality. well package. no damage. I will refer to friends who need a breast pump. It is worth buying on this portal.
    Amaia Flex photo review
    Andreai Hesse
    Good investment, very worth it! I have invested in other expensive b.pumps which took me more than 30-40 mins but Amaia only took me 8-10 mins to produce the same amount of milk. Love it! Fast delivery, only took 3 working days.
    Kiera Love
    Wow...fast shipping... Nice quality item...pump working well. Love it thanks for free gift 😘😘
    Amaia Flex photo review
    Kemilola Ogunfowora
    Product received in good condition. Very nice packing👍Invoice provided. Thanks for the free breast milk storege bags☺
    Tested, feels like ok. Hope that it will give me a good experience when I delivered my baby.
    Amaia Flex photo review
    Shaneice Jean
    Good value for money. Easy to use, strong suction, less noice. Recommended!!! Most important thing, not so pain compare others brand.
    Orla Van Loo
    Have received my order already. Thank you very much. Good product quality , Excellent quality , Good value for money , Fast delivery , Well packaged , Very accommodating seller , Excellent service by Amaia , Will recommend again and again!
    Claudette Swan
    I tested the product and it is super duper awesome!!! I like it soooo much!! This momma is a happy momma!!!!!! Thank you
    Amaia Flex photo review
    Very good product and valuable for money. Easy to use, i already tested it. The suction is just nice n u may choose level cn gv u the comfort.
    Assumpta Okara
    Best of the best. Not noisy. Suctions are good and comfortable. Worth every dollar. High quality.
    Amaia Flex photo review
    Tamara Hopkins
    Everything's complete. Function efficiently. Really helps me...nice 👍
    Muneerah Said
    Convenient, smooth and soft Easy to use during working
    Amaia Flex photo review
    Claudia Bannell
    I am so excited when getting this item, it is only possible to open the box as well as there is a gap between the two boxes, worry that the motor is damaged in the position of the throw box 😂 ok this pump is best, just x best time to pour into the bottle, mmg difficult, slow, easy to spit & there is no balance in the cup just overall tq!
    Amaia Flex photo review
    Abbie Sundh
    LOVE LOVE LOVE !!! 😍 The best pump, easy to use, as you wash the dishes for the bole pump milk, bole it at the counter with the milk pump 😍 the milk is as good as it is x stress to catch up on time. best buy! Buy for a second time, super duper fast delivery, Amaia are friendly, and helpful. Happy Mommy
    Raye Pilar
    Like it! ❤️ Just that need to handle carefully to avoid leaking.
    Amaia Flex photo review
    Connie Mcgraw
    Really helpful for my breastfeeding journey. can pump anywhere, and size-wise much compact than other handsfree. Recommended!
    Joan Kelly
    Thank you... safely received the pump & free gifts. I didnt try it out yet Though. Hope evrything is in great condition :)
    Amaia Flex photo review
    Samira Patel
    Very fast delivery and i like it. Easy to use. I can pump while i was attending meeting or class. It got muffle sound, not really obvious but the ppl who sit next to u will hear the sound.
    Aneesa Semilahn
    Received the next day after ordering. Tried it and find it super convenient and I can fully utilised the pumping time to do other stuff. I didn’t even realise the 20 mins time passed so fast. Definitely encourage mommy to buy this if you want to multitasking. Definitely recommend to buy 2 pumps.
    Amaia Flex photo review
    Love at first use! My hands are free now to do stuffs while pumping. Thanks for being proactive in providing constant updates on the status and providing after sales services 🥰
    Very good bargain, best that I have found. Very responsive seller. Pump is light, good suction, size smaller than freemie & cimilre
    Amaia Flex photo review
    I love it! This is fantastic. Just like freemie but without the hassles of tubes. Machine pump 20min and auto shut down. Very convenient, no need timer. The app is very useful
    Amaia Flex photo review
    Items received in good condition. Suitable breastpump for working monmy. Its light and most important silent pump. Very recommended.
    Anita Cyrill
    Love this pump very much. It is light & less noise compare with other breast pump. Can use this at workplace and even in cinema! * Item received in very good condition..it is wrapped & packed nicely & delivery is fast! Amaia was very helpful to answer my quiry too! Highly recommended!
    Amaia Flex photo review
    Tanya Breen
    Very very very satisfied with the product! Super convenient and easy especially for working mom who doesn't have much time to pump and need to move around during working hours. Motor pump also very small and light weight. Parcel received very fast within 3 working days to Limerick! Recommended 👍
    It's really convenient because you can pump while doing other works without worry about tubes,auto off after 20mins. But the pump is a bit loose when attached to cup, need to be careful as it may loosened and the pumping will not be productive. Milk also leaking when pouring from cup to bottle.
    Melanie Whyte
    This is my second set purchase from Amaia. The Breastpump is nice and easy to use . Highly recommended 👍👍 super love this pump. Convenient for working mums.
    Sinead O’Connor
    Received. Very fast. Hope that will be useful to my breastfeeding journey
    Amaia Flex photo review
    Vivienne Osu
    The best breast pump ever
    Amaia Flex photo review
    Amaia Flex photo review
    Amaia Flex photo review
    Kimberly Wate
    Really in love with this bp.Luckily I bought double.The price is affordable n worth it.Got free gift n voucher.Silent n wearable, good suctioning, n have warranty too. NoNeed to wear a big size shirt to cover during using this bp.Need to be careful when pours the milk.Excellent service n thank you, sel
    Sandra Bales
    So happy i bought this pump. with my elder bb, i use Spectra S1, S9 and M1. this time around, with older kids to take care and more things to do at office, this pump will be a life saver. seller also very nice and confirm that warranty start only after baby is born. thanks ya! worth every sen
    Amaia Flex photo review
    Thanks for fast delivery. This breast pump is so convenient. I'm happy with it and sure it would be a great help when returning to work. 👍
    "Service: ✔️ Super fast processing by seller. ✔️ Good packaging & item received in good condition. Product: ✔️ Quiet, lightweight. ❗ Hard to see whether there's milk expressed or not. ❗ Pouring expressed milk is quite tricky. ❗ Massaging mode doesn't automatically change to expression mode."
    Amaia Flex photo review
    Very fast deivery. item well packed. amaia is very helpful. the pump is really convenient for a working mom! suction is good, no leakage upon pumping. just need to be careful while pouring the milk. good bargain!
    "A great product. Noise is minimal. Quite hard to pour the milk from container at the beginning. But if u did like what I did in the pic (tilt it n give some air for the opening) , it turns out OK.Give update n tips even when I didn't ask for it. Keep it up "
    Amaia Flex photo review
    "Finally... ❤Good product quality Good value for money Happy customer "
    Just try the suction of breast pump. The suctions very smooth & light. I love it. Hope this breast pump can help me to collect a lots of milk while I’m busy with my kids. Thanks Amaia for assist me before I purchase from you. Amaia very helpful. Thanks again
    So good quality fast delivery and good value for money
    Amaia Flex photo review
    Oh My Amaia! So excited to receive my Amaia today, been pumping for. Child and now the 3rd one, this is definitely the complete handsfree pump I need! Thank u Amaia to include 2 size of breastshield in each pump. The manual is also very complete to explain each and every detail any mummy need.
    Julienne Marcin
    I'm so happy to receive my order. Delivery is very fast & the box packed nicely. I've tried the breastpump, it is easy to assemble & clean, very silent & lightweight. I can pump comfortably while cooking & playing with my baby.just my concern is that the suction is quite gentle.hope the yield is ok
    Amaia Flex photo review
    "Finally... ❤Good product quality Good value for money Happy customer "

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