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A little introduction to the Amaia tribe

A‘Maia’ is the Greek goddess of motherhood, increase & warm. At Amaia, we know that motherhood is an thrilling task, but it can also be challenging at times.We are parents ourselves & having been on the journey, we truly understand the challenges that comes along with this journey. Which is why our Amaia is right here to assist you every step of motherhood journey. We are constantly on hand to offer you specialist assistance and advice.

The benefits of breastfeeding are widely identified and breastfeeding is rewarding for both mother and child. However, at times, breastfeeding isn’t as easy for everymother. Betwen life’s busy schedule, breastfeeding (&motherhood) can be prove tasking and exhausting; and a little help is needed.

To this, we present you with a handsfree & wearable breastpump with great suction to help moms hit their breastfeeding journey with their infant. Our merchandise promise to help you bring out the fun in breastfeeding and maintain your breastfeeding goal for your little one.

Handsfree, No dangling bottles

Strong Suction 80 - 300mm Hg


Custom fit

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