Everything you need in a breastfriend

The no fuss, non dramatic breast pump, designed so you never have to sacrifice your milk, your comfort or your time. With innovative soft silicone cup, the Amaiapump is 100% wireless & hands free. It fits under your bra comfortably so you can keep being the supermom you are while preparing your little one’s milk at the same time.

Pump where and how you want

The Amaia pump supports semi lying position, which is perfect for cesarean delivery moms. With anti back flow protector, you can be 100% sure your baby’s milk is safe to consume.

Comfortable & Gentle

The key to a pain free & successful pumping session is wearing the right size flange. The Amaia pump includes two flange sizes to give you the right comfort you need to pump.

Super quiet

At less than 45 decibels when pumping, you can rest assured that your little sweetheart will not be disturbed.

More milk in little time

Designed to help you express more milk, the Amaia Pump features hospital grade suction for a convenient and quicker pumping session. Massage mode with 5 level of controls are integrated to help you have multiple milk releases (letdowns), ensuring you get the most milk out of each pumping session.

Your minimalist sidekick!
You will love it !

Amaia is designed to help you be in control of your breastfeeding journey! With the Amaia pump you can plan your breastfeeding journey as you deem fit

The most innovative breast friend. Say Hello to Amaia & Amaia  Freestyle cups.

Just the perfect breastpump! You can buy Amaia Freestyle cups seperate if you find you’re so attached to your old breast pump but you want to free your hands.

Whatever you decide, motherhood looks good on you!

Handsfree, No dangling bottles

Strong Suction 80-300mmHg

5 Levels Adjustable

Large Capacity Lithium Battery

Small size Easy to carry

Baby Sucking

Memory Function

Powered by USB or AC Charger

Two-Phase Expression


Anti back flow design

Full silicone breast shield

Low noise

Custom fit

This is Smart, This is Amaia!

At Amaia, our mission is to help you meet your breastfeeding goals, irrespective of your lifestyle. We want to help you take control of your motherhood journey. Breastfeeding may not be as smooth but with the Amaia Pump we are optimistic the journey will be -helping you expressing love , one ounce at a time!

Choose your side kick

Breast Pump

Discover The Amaia Freestyle Cups!

We know just how expensive being a new parent can be. That’s why we designed the Amaia freestyle cup to be used with your existing breast pump to free your hands and enhance your productivity

Yummy Mummy Accessories

Freestyle Cups


Milk Storage Bags


Amaia Parts


Keep abreast of your baby’s needs

We know how fast the day goes and with a little one, it feels faster. To help you keep abreast of your baby’s needs, we invite you to download the Amaia App. From recording your pumping session, your baby’s feed sessions, bath time routine to sharing memories with your loved ones.

Available on IOS & Android