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The wearable breast pump is small and lightweight to place inside your bra. Hands-free, more enjoyable and discreet way to express breastmilk.

Fits in your bra, free your hands. No tubes. No wires. No noise.

  • Hands-free & Invisible
  • Multi-mode & Efficient Pumping
  • Anti-backflow & Prevent Leakage
  • BPA-free, Cozy & Painless
  • Install Easily, 30mins Auto Shutdown & Less Nois

The Amaia One  wearable breast pump is small and lightweight to place inside your bra. Hands-free, more enjoyable and discreet way to express breastmilk.

  • 【All-in-one design】Compact and lightweight design is convenient to carry. Large capacity built-in lithium battery makes you worry-free.
  • 【Safe & Hygiene】All parts are made from food grade silicone and no contain harmful substances. Each component can be flexibly assembled and disassembled. Except for the electrical parts, all other removable parts are dishwasher safe.
  • 【3D Soft Silicone Massage Cushion】Soft breast cushion massages the areola, and provide a secure seal and snug fit to solve leaking milk.
  • 【Low Noise – Anti-Backflow】 The sound is less than 55 dB when used, and will not disturb a sleeping baby. Closed system with anti-backflow provides a hygienic closed system to prevent breastmilk from backing up to the pump, prevent infection, and keep the milk fresh.
  • 【High Efficient】3 Modes, each mode with 10 levels, You can adjust the frequency freely, bid farewell to breast pain.


10 reviews for Amaia ONE

    Samantha Woodward
    My only regret was not buying this way sooner! I pump way more with this than a regular pump! When my baby stopped paying attention while nursing, she was not getting enough milk during the day. I had to start giving her bottles. This hands free pump is a LIFESAVER! I LOVE how many pump levels there are, and that this pump has a MEMORY! Yes! It remembers the last settings you left it on. I love that it gives you two minutes of massage and auto switches to either express mode or mixed mode also (whichever you last left it on). I need mixed mode because I need extra stimulation or a I stop expressing milk. I also love that it auto shuts off at 30 minutes so I don't have to watch the clock or make sure I'm not pumping too long. And great value!!! This pump was cheaper than my regular electric pump!! So worth it!!!
    I am so happy I bought these on a whim. I was too cheap for the willow or elvie and was willing to roll the dice on a this for $100. I love it. It’s so easy to use at work and quick to set up. It takes up so much less space in my work bag. You can move around and do stuff while pumping. Its great to add an extra pump during my drive home from work. It’s as loud as my Medela and pumps just as much. The charge lasts at least a few 15 min pump sessions. It’s not hard to pour the milk in my opinion. I haven’t had any leakage while pumping. I highly recommend this pump.
    Michelle lau
    i'm glad I didn't have to get the very expensive one, these work. They're pretty easy to use and clean, and do the job. Only thing I slightly dislike about them is the suction is a little too much for me and when I push the button that is supposed to lessen it, it doesn't seem to work. But it's not really that uncomfortable, I could use these for the rest of the year until I stop nursing.
    I’ve never owned a hands free pump before this one! They just didn’t have them 12 years ago! This thing has changed my life! It’s easy to assemble and clean. It charges well. Suction is good. I love it!!
    I have 3 wearable pumps and 2 hands-free pumps. This is my favorite out of all of then. I even prefer it over my 2 medelas ( Freestyle & advanced instyle)There is good suction. I can pump 20oz in 20 minutes. It does not leak. The pour spout it convenient but does leak a little when pouring. The measurements on the side are not precise. The pumping setting is more powerful then my medelas.The battery life is phenomenal. They take a long time to charge but pumping 2-3x/day for 10-20min/pump my pump will last almost a week.It is large and will stretch your bras. I reccomend getting a nursing bra strap lengthener.I love the covers for the openings when you travel.The only downside is that there are parts that are hard to clean. After sterilizing 2-3x/day for 1 month, it has begun to not seal 100%. It does not leak significantly. Just makes a small mess when you go to pour it.It is also the loudest of all of my pumps. For example, it can be heard when I am talking on the phone to someone.I would definitely reccomend.
    I absolutely love them! The suction power is great, and come with an option to make the sound quieter. Im so happy to not be stuck to the machine and tubing. Perfect for moms going back to work.
    Lizeth Mendoza
    Okay! These have beans helpful for me on the go! They are a little louder than expected but most of the time its just my husband and baby in the car when I need to use them. I am able to use several modes according to my comfort. My only complaint would be that the battery lasts only about 3-4 uses and the milk spills a tad bit when pouring out through the main suction entrance. Other than that, I am able to pump around 4oz each time and combine 8 ounces total. For the price, very satisfied!
    Sarah Thomas
    This pump was great! Easy to use, easy to assemble and disassemble and easy to clean. I recommend wearing a supportive bra when wearing the pumps due to their weight (they aren't heavy but not so compact). I highly recommend buying this brand over the super expensive brand.
    These pumps are not subtle, but I knew they wouldn’t be after reading reviews of these pumps, along with other pumps that were similar. They sound just like any other pump I’ve used. I have the spectra pump and I would say these pumps work way better. I would sometimes get nothing when pumping with the spectra, or get one oz all together, even though my boobs were full. I love love that I can pick up my daughter, sit out on the deck, clean, and do whatever while these pumps just do their thing. I even forget I’m wearing them and then all of a sudden 30 minutes goes by and I’ve pumped 3-4 oz. get these pumps!
    Derek clark
    I just received these! I got them because i was looking for a cheap wireless pump compared to the momcozy pumps. They are kinda loud but about just as loud as a normal pump in my opinion. I have yet to test how long the battery stays charged for. I mainly got these in case i need to pump on the go then i can pop them in my bra and pump for my son when we are in the car.

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