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How do I dry & store the breast pump kit?2020-05-19T10:37:29+00:00

Allow all breast pump kit parts to air dry on a clean towel and store dry parts when not in use. Do NOT store wet or damp parts

How do I clean the breast pump kit?2020-05-19T10:37:15+00:00

Clean all parts after each use!


  • Make sure all parts are completely dry before re-assembling.
  • Do not wash the pump or power cord. Use a slightly damp cloth to wipe down the pump body if necessary.
  • Wash hands before touching breasts and components.

Before first use:

Disassemble and wash all parts that come in contact with breast or milk, and sanitize these components by flash boiling for 60-90 seconds.

After each use:-

-Disassemble and wash all parts that come in contact with the breast or milk in warm soap water

-Rinse in warm water

-Air-dry on a clean towel, and cover up all parts when not in use

-Allow all breast pump parts to air dry in a clean area

-Parts may be sanitized with the sanitizer of your choice, or may be washed in the dishwasher

-Store dry parts when not in use

Do not wash

– The pump

How do I use the pre-set system modes?2020-05-19T10:37:02+00:00

Just press the pre-set system mode button and choose one of the 2 settings available:

– Stimulation Mode has 5 levels.

– Expression Mode has 9 levels.

How long does it take to charge?2020-05-19T10:36:49+00:00

It may take up to two hours to fully charge. Battery indicator light will show when the pump is fully charged. Please do not over charge. Unplug when the battery is fully charged.

How long does the battery last on one charge?2020-05-19T10:36:37+00:00

The battery will last up to 2hours on one charge. This should give a mom 2-4 sessions before having to charge again.

Do I have to fully charge the battery before using the Amaia® breast pump for the first time?2020-05-19T10:36:24+00:00

We recommend fully charging the battery before using it for first time. If you can’t fully charge the battery, you can use it plugged in to a power outlet.

What does the Amaia App do?2020-05-19T10:36:06+00:00

To help you keep track of your baby’s growth, we’ve carefully designed an APP to help you keep abreast of your child’s development. Keep abreast of your  baby’s feeding & more with the App. Share & save memories with loved ones 🙂

Available on IOS & Android.

What flange sizes do you offer?2020-05-19T10:35:48+00:00

Amaia pump includes two flange sizes in size 24mm & 28mm

Is this a closed system pump?2020-05-19T10:35:35+00:00

Yes! There is a backflow protector to prevent any milk backflowing into the pump unit & the valve

Can I use the Amaia cup with other breast pumps?2020-05-19T10:35:20+00:00

Yes, you can purchase the Amaia cup separately to be used with other leading breast pumps. Each Amaia cup includes connector tubes to be used with other leading breast pumps, such as Spectra, Medela, Tommee Tippee. If you’re not sure, just ask.

How does the Amaia pump work?2020-05-19T10:34:36+00:00

Amaia pump is designed to be worn with your regular bra as you pump. The Amaia pump is a wireless, handsfree, light weight & convenient breast pump to help you be in control of your breastfeeding journey

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