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    Store & freeze every drop of your precious breast milk with this box of 50 zip-lock storage bags that are leak-proof, pre-sterilised & self standing.   Amaia breast milk storage bags are perfect for storing & freezing. They're self standing to help prevent spillages & pre-sterilised for that extra peace of mind. You can also write on the label your name (if you're planning on taking to your babies nursery or somewhere else) plus the date & volume to keep you on track & organised (useful if you have some of the infamous 'baby brain' creeping in). If size matters to you (chuckle all you like here), these bags have been made to hold approx. 180ml/6oz which is usually plenty big enough. Made with a premium material that has a better oxygen barrier to keep breast milk fresher for longer while protecting & preserving nutrients (impressive hey?), they're honestly very handy to have if you're a breastfeeding mummy!
  • Discreetly pump your baby’s daily nutrition with the aid of our Amaia Freestyle Cups. 100% compatible with all breast pumps and super comfortable design makes the Amaia an essential part of every mother’s maternity routine. The Breast Cups fit under your bra comfortably without taking up too much space to the point of being noticeable.It’s completely hands-free so you can attend to other motherly duties without having your hands tied and time occupied with pumping milk for your baby. Features
    • 100% hands-free and easy to use
    • Anti backflow design makes it breathable and comfy
    • Compatible with leading breast pumps
    • Simple & easy to assemble
    • The pack includes two cups and a connecting tube
      Pump your babies milk hassle-free using our innovative Amaia Freestyle Cups and order yours online today!
  • Feeding made simple - Day time, Night-time & on the Go. Fresh & warm baby milk heated up precisely, safe & effortless for your baby.
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    Amaia Pump

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    Are you overwhelmed by choosing the right breast pump for yourself? Amaia brings forth an innovative range of portable breast pump that allows you pump breast milk seamlessly –on the go. Breastfeeding is known to provide an amazing source of nutrition for your little being. At the same time, it also provides an opportunity to bond as well as connect with the newest member of your family. However, there could be certain instances in which you might be away from your little one ,you are on low milk supply or struggling with feeding –in all scenarios, there is no denying the importance of a breast pump. Amaia presents a lucrative range of wireless breast pumps that cover all the potential requirements of breastfeeding mothers out there. Right from the initiating the process of breastfeeding to expressing milk for odd events, our portable range of breast pumps is capable of delivering exclusive breast milk pumping experiences to mothers. Our innovative pumps are also known to feature the exclusive 2-Phase Expression technology that helps in mimicking the natural sucking rhythms of babies. This allows mothers to express increased volumes of breast milk in less time.  Amaia Wearable & Wireless Breast Pumps –Your Best Fit to Express Milk  
  • Who knew that nipple size was such a big deal? The things you learn while pumping! Correctly fitting your breast pump flange to your nipples is the most important step in comfortably and efficiently emptying your breast—which is the largest contributor to supply. If your breast pump flanges are too small or too large you can damage your breast tissue and you won’t be emptying your breast completely, which will impact your supply. To decide what size works best for you, start by getting an accurate measurement of your nipples. Flange Inserts are compatible with Amaia Pump & Freestyle cups.  
  • In the event that parts of your breastfeeding sidekick needs an update, you can pick from the selection of parts available to you. Over time, due to daily usage  your breast pump suction may become weak if this happens its time for a valve change and /or silicone diaphragm .  For health & safety reasons, it is recommended to change parts of your breast pumps at minimum every three months. Exclusively breastfeeding moms may need to change more often.  

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