The birth of a child is greeted with euphoria and ecstasy. The joy of every mother is to nurture their baby to maturity. However, Noble this idea of nurturing is, it comes with challenges.There is the debate for and against breast feeding but whichever of the divide you fall with these tips, you will be ready to breastfeed more if you are  pro breastfeeding and if you were not, you will begin to breastfeed your bundle of joy. 


Children who breastfeed have their brain more developed than those who take formula.

The bonding between breast – fed children and their mothers is partly responsible for the higher intelligence in most breast – fed. Research have shown that children who are breast – fed are more mature, secure and assertive and progress better on the developmental scales than non breast – fed children.

Children who were exclusively breast- fed for four months have been shown to score significantly higher on achievement test.

Inaccurate misinformation and lack of support are most likely to do damage to breast feeding drive. Concerns on inability to lactate in women have been exaggerated. Only a few  percentage of women are unable to lactate (produce milk)The other majority are physically able, given the right information and support to succeed. Therefore, the truth is unarguably that the bodies that can nurture a body can also feed that baby. Therefore, as a mother, nature has endowed you with all it takes to breastfeed your baby successfully.


In spite of the tremendous benefits of breastfeeding it comes with a whole lot of challenges. Challenges that are very surmountable with patience. The fact that new born breastfeed intermittently round the clock usually every two hours and at varied space of time, on one breast or both  and the uncoordinated sleep pattern can be overwhelming, and seem insurmountable, creating a feeling of despondency. Please be calm, it is not a permanent phenomenon. Babies with time space out feedings and lengthen sleep duration as soon as they are developmentally ready, During the la-cu- na in getting to that time do not have too high an expectation and don’t compare the child with another, it  will only cause more frustration because children differ, but be prepared to do a lot of hands – on care.

Find Help 

Frustration comes in when you try to go through this process alone. The saying “No man is an island unto himself” is very real here. Surround yourself with relations, family and friends of like minds who are committed to breast feeding as you are. They will take care of your other needs while you concentrate on the baby. They will be your companions and give you information based on facts and experience and cheer you to success. There are many medical professionals more than willing to help with breastfeeding tips whether they have lactation credentials or not. Health care workers have extensive knowledge in their own specialty but may have never completed any breastfeeding training. However, you have a right to request for a qualified lactation professional’s help to ensure your facts are correct and expectations are realistic.

In breast feeding the ability to learn the art,master the technique,norms and rhythm, gain the knowledge and have support cannot be overemphasized and can be garnered as you indulge in the act and learn from experience. However, there are a lot of products to make your  breastfeeding experience easier; none of them can replace knowledge and support. 

You may wish to speak to one of Amaia’s Breastfeeding counselors, where you’ll be given ample support to get you on track.